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Who We Are

Ever since Unique Innovative Trading Co., Ltd(UIT) was founded  in December 2005.


UIT started business as the only one distributor of JOTUN PAINT in Myanmar. When we first started this business, we only sold paints and did not provide painting services yet. In 2012, we started painting services as a one-stop solution service provider under UIT. We aim to fulfill our customers’ requirements as a professional painting service company, we founded KZM Service Co.,Ltd. in 2016.

Marine Coating

There are two types of marine coating.
• Coastal line marine (Fishing boat, Barge, Supply Boat, Ferry Boat, etc.,).
• Sea Going (Cargo Vessel, Tanker, Cruise Ship , etc..)

Tank Coating

To protect the corrosion of exterior and interior surface of storage tanks.(Diesel, Gasoline, Potable Water, Palm Oil,  etc…).

Epoxy Floor Coating

Recommended use for pharmaceutical factory, warehouse, Cold storage, Chemical Plants, Waste water treatment plants ,Food & Beverage Industry, Hospital & Laboratory,

Fire Retardant Coating

Typical use as reactive fire protection for steel constructions up to 180 minutes. Independently approved for fire protection of structural steel exposed to cellulosic fire.

Anticorrosive Coating

To protect the corrosion process of general steel substrate.

Decorative Paint

Anti algae , Anti fungus ,Heat reflective, Low dirt pick up, UV protective ,Long lasting color, and  washable  properties and pleasant finished of excellence color retention for commercial and residential buildings.

Heat Resistant Paint

Especially for heat resisting  to be applied over steel substrate for steel work operating at temperature 200 ċ to 600 ċ.