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Ever since Unique Innovative Trading Co., Ltd(UIT) was founded  in December 2005.


UIT started business as the only one distributor of JOTUN PAINT in Myanmar. When we first started this business, we only sold paints and did not provide painting services yet. In 2012, we started painting services as a one-stop solution service provider under UIT. We aim to fulfill our customers’ requirements as a professional painting service company, we founded KZM Service Co.,Ltd. in 2016.

We commence our role as Sand Blasting, Tank Lining Painting, Steel Structure Corrosion Protection , Epoxy Floor Coating and Decorative Painting works.  To keep in touch with our customers’ growing demands and needs, we serve a wide variety of world-class paints which are distributed all over the world.


Our Mission

To be the biggest one-stop solution Industrial painting service company in Myanmar;

To be the best Applicator and fabricator in Myanmar. Hard work, Business Ethic, Discipline and Professionalism will be our four pillars to Accomplish the Mission.

Our Vision

To create Beautiful and Safe Environment to live, work and play:

KZM Service, as a responsible entity, will create SAFE and LIVABLE environment for Humanity.

We Value

Our employees are the most important part of our company. We value them, respect them, and treat them fairly and sincerely;

We believe that good services come from good people. We train and treat our employees well to provide the best possible to our CUSTOMERS.